Exam Results

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2016 has been another record breaking year at Herschel Grammar.  

GCSE 2016

At GCSE level the percentage of pupils achieving five A*- C grades including English and Maths is 99.2% with only one pupil narrowly missing out.

As a school we are thrilled with our exceptionally high performance, with 57% of pupils achieving an A* or A grade in all qualifications. Equally impressive is the number of pupils achieving five or more A*-A grades at 63%, up from 56% last year.

The percentage of students achieving the A* grade stands at 22%, a huge increase from 17% last year.

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It is worth noting that these increases a set against a national backdrop of a decline in the number of students achieving top grade GCSE grades, which proves how challenging GCSEs are.

This year our overall point score at GCSE was another record breaking all time high point score of 609. To put this in more meaningful terms, out of 1210 entries, our average grade is an A.

When looking at progress in English and Maths, Herschel is exceeding all national benchmarks and the progress our pupils continue to make is outstanding.

Our Value Added Progress 8 score of +0.52 confirms our status as an outstanding school and places us firmly in the top 10% of schools nationally, not only on achievement but more importantly on the progress our pupils make. This clearly demonstrates that we truly add value to all our pupils and we are so proud of their achievements.

We believe these results will once again place us in the best fifty of all state schools nationally.

Both of our main local newspapers covered GCSE results in a lot of detail. Below is the Slough Observer's reference to Herschel Grammar School:

A level 2016 

At A Level we are delighted with another exceptionally high pass rate of 99.1%. This has also been achieved under a reformed assessment regime with students severely limited in being able to re-take units to improve outcomes.

The percentage of A* to B grades at A level has remained strong at 65.3% and we are really pleased that with no opportunity to re-take A2 examinations, our A* performance has once again increased to 12.1%. Our A*-C pass rate has also increased this year, going from 84.4% to 86.1%.

Impressively, well over 1 in 3 of our A level grades is either A* or A. A-mazing!

The chart below highlights our A*% pass rate - at 12.1%, 2016 sees our highest result ever!

 Staff, students and parents have all worked consistently hard to ensure the highest possible marks are achieved and first choice university offers met. We have a record number of students this year with truly outstanding results.  

Herschel has featured strongly in local press coverage of A Level results, below from the Slough Observer and underneath that, from the Slough Express.