Yr 9 Visit to Jaguar Land Rover

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By Hemani Sandal, Year 9

On Monday 29th of January, Year 9 Design and Technology students visited the Jaguar Land Rover headquarters in Birmingham.

After the two-hour long coach journey, we finally arrived and received a very warm welcome from JLR. We learnt about what JLR does as a company and the various procedures they need to consider when a car is being built. We can't reveal a lot of information because it is confidential. It was so secretive that we had to turn our phones off!

We then started our first activity - recreating a mass production line. We had to create mini trolleys out of building pieces in a limited time frame. We could only use parts we hadn't already used and we could only create the product after the order came in - this represented what it was like to manufacture a car. If we delivered the trolley late, we would face a time penalty. There were three rounds; each would see an increase in orders and a decrease in time. The stress definitely got to us during Rounds Two and Three! Within our teams of four and five, we had to have effective communication and a good work ethic. It was also helpful to have a few builders, a quality control manager, and a person who gives the parts and assures general tidiness. We learnt the importance of creating products on time and to a standard that will satisfy the customer.

In the same teams, we had to build a wheelbarrow to hold a cup of water. The pack contained many parts; however, as it didn't include instructions, we were encouraged to use our imagination. Many groups only used a few parts and there were many different styles of wheelbarrows. To test our creations, we had a competition - an obstacle course that we had to navigate our way through with our wheelbarrows and a cup of water on top of it. It was certainly very fun and we had a great laugh!

After lunch, we went on a tour of the factories. We saw where the aluminium was stored and how it was first altered to fit a design. We saw the material go through various machines and come out looking completely different to how it started! We then saw other parts of the factories, including the design centre and the section that glued all the parts together to make the frame of the cars. The cars were laid on production lines and there were machines that glued different materials on. The machines looked like robots! They were programmed so that they would just miss hitting the ceiling! The machines could detect which type of car it was and changed the materials accordingly. Who knew technology could be so impressive?

After a long, fun-filled day it was time to go home. It was disappointing to see so few women working there but we hope this will change throughout the course of time. Maybe you will be working there one day? The day was a fun learning experience and we would all like to thank the Technology teachers for accompanying us!

By Raeesa Iqbal 9E
This Land Rover trip was one of my most enjoyable trips I have ever been on. We gained a lot of knowledge about the place and what happens there. We all had a wonderful time. We all got to tour around the workshop, seeing all the Land Rover cars and how they are made step by step. We witnessed some exciting things e.g. seeing robots building the cars and seeing the latest cars, including the Range Rover Velar. As well as a tour, we also did a couple of activities to test our skills. This was very competitive but at the same time it was very fun! Once the trip ended, we all were quite upset but we were happy at the same time for gaining so much knowledge and learning new skills to help us. I thank all the teachers and all the members part of the Land Rover trip for making our trip so memorable!