Women in Engineering at O2

ThinkBig IWiE 2

By Hemani Sandal, Year 8

On 23rd June, it was national ‘Women in Engineering’ day, and a group of Year 8 and 9 girls from Herschel were invited to take part in a workshop at O2. I was one of the people chosen to go on this trip and we all had lots of fun!

The event took place at the O2 offices on Bath Road in Slough and, after meeting the other schools, we were put into mixed teams.

To start off the event, we played a Kahoot in our teams, all about networks and O2 as a company. We then split off into different rooms and learnt about the history of networks, how far we’ve already come in terms of technology and how far we could go in the future. Needless to say, it was very odd seeing Nokia ‘brick’ phones instead of smartphones and seeing morse code instead of simple text messages!

Next, we learnt about stadium wi-fi and customer ordering systems. It was very interesting learning about different types of stadiums and their needs. We also had an insight of what it is like to put up the routers in the stadium - it sounded like a lot of hard work! Did you know that O2 once put up 20,000 wi-fi routers in one stadium?

After a quick break, we then played another Kahoot - this time it was solely on what we had learnt about. Also, using all the information we had learnt that day, we built our own network. It was great fun and gave all of us a hands-on experience on what sort of work O2 does as a company.

Sadly, it was time to leave and as we bid farewell, the winners of both the Kahoots were the Tanzanites - so congratulations to them!