Tenner Logo Success

Snack Shack logo

This year we have ten teams of students from Year 9 and 10 taking part in the national Tenner Competition, facilitated by Young Enterprise. Each with an investment of £10, the students are tasked with running a company over a four week period and trying to make a profit from that initial tenner.

Each week there is also a national competition that each team can enter - the first of those was for the company logo and we were delighted that one of our team, Snack Shack, were runners up!

Tina Braithwaite, one of the project officers at Young Enterprise, said:

"Many Congratulations! We had hundreds of entries for the Tenner 2018 Logo Design competition. Here is some feedback from our external judges: ‘Clear link to what it is. Makes you look at it twice’"

Well done, Snack Shack!