Talent Show

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Herschel’s Talent Show is an annual event in the lives of students and staff and I was amazed by the talent the school had to offer this year! It was enjoyable for everyone; there were many exciting acts including singing, which were extremely entertaining. In addition, there were dances to make you bemused and simultaneously interested, and the stage effects such as smoke and lighting helped in increase the excitement of the show.

The background music and the traditional Christmas songs were fantastic. Secondly, the dancing was funny as well as enjoyable, making it an awe-inspiring experience. It was incredible how flexible the dancers were and their use of teamwork in order to appear coordinated.

There was also an amazing instrumental piece using Indian instruments, which was played beautifully. I was astounded by the way in which the performers controlled the pitch and volume of the drums. They did this really well and it was as though I was transported to India after I heard this incredible piece!

As I said earlier, this is annual experience for students and teachers and I am hoping to see more of the same in the coming years. It was an unbelievable experience and definitely not one I will forget.

By Mayur Manoj, Year 8

We finished the show with the traditional double rendition of ‘The Twelve Days of Christmas’ with Ms Rockall on the stage, Mr Piggott on the piano and different verses sung by different year groups, leading to much jumping up and sitting down across the hall. This year, we also had a very special performance from Justin Timberlake and lots of Herschel staff…….you had to be there for that one!