Prefect Training Day

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By Kripa, Communication's senior prefect

On the 25th June, a charitable organisation called 'The Change' conducted a workshop for our Year 12 senior prefects, in which we did exercises and played games to challenge and improve our team working and leadership skills. I believe it was a very beneficial day, as we learnt about the qualities and values that we need to possess to succeed, not only in our given prefect roles but also within our future careers. 

Some of the exciting and challenging activities that we took part in included a trust fall from on top of a metre high platform, a crazy maze and blind folded exercise. We then discussed our performance during these activities as a group, which led us to discover our strengths and areas for improvement. One of the main impacts this training day had was helping to build a more cohesive team of prefects, where there is no shortage of support. 

Moreover, this day I think effectively prepared my prefect cohorts and me to take charge and fulfill our roles to the best of our abilities. We also learnt an important 'STOP' reflection technique to incorporate within our busy school lives; whether it is for twenty seconds or two minutes, it will be a time of absolute silence to calm down and prepare for challenges with a clear mind.

Finally, I would like to thank the amazing and insightful volunteers from ‘The Change’ on behalf of the students, teachers and the school for leaving us with important lessons and tips to help us in the future.