Minivans Enterprise event

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By Marguerite Sanchez Mamaradlo 

On 21st February 2018, Year 7 participated in an enterprise event called 'Minivans’, organised by Learning to Work. First thing in the morning, we had to go to the hall and sit with our teams - trying to get to know each other before the event started. Part of the point of the event was to help us to work with people we never really talked to that much before. 

Before we built anything, we started to design and plan what the minivans were going to look like and what we were going to do with them. We all decided on a team name, logo, the design of the minivans and how much we were going to spend. We also had to decide on roles: Managing Director, Production Team, Marketing/Design, Sales Representative and Accountant. We came up with so many ideas for the design (celebrations, sports, food etc) that we hadn't started building our minivans by the time we got to break! 

My team was called HMV (Herschel Mini-Vans) and we produced vans for celebrations and parties, etc. At first, I was unimpressed with my team as I didn’t know most of them, but when we started communicating and helping each other it started to become more fun. Our products were extraordinary and we all had different roles; I was the Managing Director of our company. My teammates were really amusing and funny to work with but were serious when we needed to be - especially when we had ten minutes left! We performed our pitch in front of a business person who kindly volunteered to be with us at the event, helping us with our work. As we did our pitch, we all started laughing due to our nervousness and lack of practice. Unfortunately, we didn't get through to the top five, which means we didn't win.

The winner of the whole event was called 'Mango' followed by 'Pineapple Paradise'. They were both similiar as they both had to do something with fruits, but Mango's pitch was clearer and more persuasive. It looked well put together and they had clearly practiced more than we did. They were also creative and imaginative, which made them more successful in their company.

Overall, the Minivans enterprise event was fantastic! We may not have won the event but it was truly a lesson that taught us that working with other people can change your perspective of them. The business volunteers were a great help to our event and I hope we get to do this again in Year 8.