Medical Mavericks

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The Medical Mavericks make it their business to raise the profile of the huge range of careers on offer in the NHS and in healthcare more widely, so we were delighted to have them with us on 20th June to work with Year 10 as a great addition to our usual planned careers education and guidance.

We were very lucky to have this programme funded by Berkshire's WOOP STEM project, via Adviza, who provide our careers advice.

Students were able to experience first hand many of the processes and pieces of equipment that members of staff in the NHS use on a daily basis - they took blood pressure readings, performed keyhole surgery, tested their oxygen levels, took ultrasounds of their name but a few!

In one of the sessions, Mrs Lightfoot was even able to get an up to date picture of the development of her baby!

You can find put more about the Medical Mavericks and what they do at