Girls Can Create Tomorrow

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By Sanjana Prayag, Year 9

My trip to ‘Girls Can Create Tomorrow’ at CA Technologies was an incredible experience. I met lots of new people from different schools and also got a great taste of the world of STEM.

We were split up from our school groups and put in groups with other schools; there was an initial awkwardness about the group, but as the day went on we were more comfortable with each other and were getting on really well.

We had to program a robot to dodge all the obstacles on a race track and be first to the finish line.

All of our hard work paid off, because in the end we won! There were times where it seemed impossible to complete the task, but STEM requires resilience to overcome challenges. In the end we did solve the problem and overcame the challenge. I learnt so much from the experience, that no matter what the challenge is or who you are with you need to try your best and be resilient.

I would definitely love to do something like this again.

(Pictures credited to Nancy Lalor, Learning to Work)