Girls Can Create Tomorrow

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By Edna Jeo, Year 8

CA Technologies partnered with Barclays, ASOS and Amazon to deliver an event at CA’s Ditton Park offices near Datchet, where Year 8 girls from local schools took part in a full day of workshops designed to educate and inspire them to consider STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and maths) focused careers.

The predominant theme of the day was to show the wide variety of careers available in STEM businesses, from data scientist to communication specialist to developer. Sessions included technology workshops run by each of the companies; a ‘People Like Me’ teaching session, delivered by executives from CA, to identify which personality traits are best suited to which STEM careers.

Sarah Atkinson, VP Communications for EMEA at CA Technologies, said: “As a result of the STEM skills gap in Europe, the European Commission estimates that there could be up to 825,000 unfilled vacancies for ICT professionals by 2020. In addition to this, we are seeing fewer young women coming into STEM careers than young men. By running events like Girls Can Create Tomorrow, we hope to help readdress the gender imbalance in the technology industry and to close a skills gap which could have a very real impact on our business in a few short years.”

Employees play a significant role in delivering Girls Can Create Tomorrow by sharing their skills and volunteering their time to help girls understand the different careers in technology, and the subjects needed to get them there. Through talking with and mentoring school students, and leading hands-on initiatives, employees help to build awareness of the job opportunities available in the technology industry, and the different options available to build a career in technology. Through being involved in Girls Can Create Tomorrow, employees at CA Technologies are playing a key role as mentors to help build a balanced picture of technology careers, and inspiring young girls to consider future careers in STEM.

Through Girls Can Create Tomorrow, girls who are at an age when they are considering the roadmap to their future careers, can start to plan their adult life. Working with CA Technologies bring STEM to life, and are encouraging youngsters like us to really think about the incredible opportunities of working in STEM.

Events like this are important to inspire and motivate the students to aim higher. Girls can get some hands-on experience of the workplace and to introduce them to new fields that might be of interest to them.