Geography Field Trip to Slapton

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By Peter Cousins (year 13 Geographer)

From the 11th to the 15th September 2017, the Year 13 Geography class went to Slapton in south Devon to undertake A-level fieldwork. This was extremely successful with every member of the class successfully producing a different hypothesis/question to investigate and then collecting data to test this out. Questions ranged from physical geography, such as beach profiles and soil infiltration, to human geography about rural regeneration. We worked alongside a small group from another school, Carshalton Boys, who became good friends over the week.

The experience overall was fun and enjoyable with a range of new experiences and an abundance of new fieldwork techniques which will help our fieldwork write-up. Also learning about challenging statistical tests will help in many other subjects.

It was hard work, but the team enjoyed the week out and made memories that will never be forgotten. This is a subject I would recommend for the fieldwork study alone!