Cisco Work Experience, Reading


By Muaz Waqas, Year 10

During my work experience at Cisco, I had the opportunity to take part in a variety of interesting activities. Some of these included taking apart computers, hacking, Python and Raspberry Pi programming, speed interviewing, Dragons Den presenting (for an item that solves a social problem) and even conducting electrical current. There were also many modern technological devices that I also found out about during my time at Cisco, such as sleeping pods and lip-reading cameras which focused on your face when you spoke.

I would say the most fun part of my week was when we conducted electrical current. The way this worked was that we held an electrical antenna in one hand and a spoon in the other hand. Another person did the same on the other side of you and when the two spoons were kept close together, sparks would be created, due to the attraction between the negatively and positively charged current. I could feel the electricity passing through my arms!

This work experience greatly helped to gain an insight into the working environment in an office and how busy certain employees can be. I also learnt a lot about Cisco – their history, their technology and the flexibility of their working demands. Also, there were free refreshments and unlimited hot drinks...