Accelerated Reading

For Students

About the Accelerated Reader Scheme

All Year 7s, 8s and some year 9s are taking part in the Accelerated Reader Scheme in an effort to encourage reading for pleasure. All students read at their own level and take quizzes to assess comprehension, vocabulary and literacy. Parents and students can log in to the school’s library website and view the student’s reading practice and progress towards targets.
All library books are colour coded to help students find books suited to their level. The AR book finder also lets students search by author, title, level and interest.

To Login to the Accelerated Reader Scheme, please click on the button:



To Login to the AR Book Finder, please click on the button:


My Overall Progress

Renaissance Home Connect gives parents and students a snapshot of the student’s Accelerated Reader progress, including average percentage correct on quizzes, number of points earned and book level.

My Bookshelf

Parents and students can see all the books the pupil has read. Clicking a book shows details about it such as book level, word count, points and more.

The Race is on!

The Tutor Group with the most points will win the Accelerated Reading race!
Passing a quiz will move the ostriches and camels further across the desert, the more successful you are the more points you earn.The winner of the race will win a SPECIAL PRIZE!