MG 0100 2a

Curriculum Overview

The department offers two option courses.

Pupils can select the full course GCSE PE. This provides an additional 2 x 60 minute lessons as well as the 2 x 60 minute lessons enjoyed by all pupils in core PE lessons. 1 lesson is theory based in a classroom and the other is practical. This option is worth a whole GCSE

Pupils need to complete 4 sporting activities for the practical section and a final exam tests the theory component.

We also offer short-course GCSE PE as an extension subject. This will mean an extra 1 x 60 minute lesson in addition to core PE lessons. Pupils will complete the practical component in core PE lessons and the theory component in the extension lesson.

Assessment is similar to the full course, however, pupils are graded in only 2 sporting activities and study half the theory component. This option is worth a half-GCSE.

The final grade is achieved by assessments in Practical activities worth 60% and Theory Exam worth 40%.

The exam board is Edexcel.