A Level


Years 12 & 13

At AS Level…

There are 2 complementary units concerned with applying ICT to solve problems and effects of using ICT in the world today.

Candidates have the opportunity to put into practice a wide range of software and hardware to create solutions to solve problems:

  • Unit 1: Practical Problem-solving in the Digital World
  • Unit 2: Living in the Digital World

At A2 Level…

Students study the concepts associated with the use of ICT in the 21st century. They also have opportunities for acquiring skills needed in the IT profession such as co-operative working and project management.

These practical skills can be developed in areas of ICT that are of interest to them. Students can also use these newly acquired skills as a springboard into other qualifications and working environments:

  • Unit 3: The Use of ICT in the Digital World
  • Unit 4: Coursework – Practical Issues involved in the use of ICT in the Digital World

Career Opportunities

ICT is an ever growing field with ever more careers needing ICT, from cybernetics, to medical engineering to robotics and aeronautical engineering; there are literally hundreds of career opportunities that can use ICT as an A Level.

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Enrichment strategies for Year 12 independent learning 18th February 2015 Download >
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