MG 0493a

Staff Contact Details

Mr B Noel (Head of Faculty)

Curriculum Overview

ICT is a big part of Herschel Grammar School.

Many learning activities involve the use of ICT, practicing the wide range of software that the school has to offer, in a variety of subjects. Information and Communications Technology is a course that offers an opportunity to study the factors involved in developing and managing effective and efficient computing systems, where quality information is produced for the users. The course also aims to develop problem-solving skills through the practical application of ICT.

To enhance and encourage independent learning, the school also has an online portal. This is where work can be set by teachers and also saved or uploaded online for assessment. Furthermore teachers, students and parents can access learning resources and communicate with each other outside lesson times.

You will need to:

  • Know the difference between data information and knowledge...
  • Appreciate the features and functions of computer software, hardware and communications technology. What can and what can't be achieved using ICT systems in a variety of applications...
  • Acquire skills in collecting and analysing facts, and selecting the appropriate software package to develop the solution to the problem...