GCSE Business Studies

 MG 0634a

Aims of the Course

This is a popular course that is relevant to most pupils especially those who aspire to work in the commercial world e.g. accountancy, law, stockbroking, finance, advertising the media or wish to one day own their own business. GCSE Business Studies aims to give pupils an excellent and practical understanding of how the real world of business works. It helps pupils develop critical thinking and analytical skills which will be useful throughout life.

Curriculum Overview

The course is very varied and studies the many different factors that work together to make businesses successful. In particular:

  • Business and the external environment
  • Business Structure, Organisation and Control
  • Marketing and Communication
  • People in Organisations
  • Aiding and Controlling Business Activity
  • Production
  • Finance

You will learn:

  • How to analyse business problems and issues
  • How to evaluate evidence and communicate your arguments clearly
  • How to use business vocabulary
  • To work on your own and as part of a team

About ICT, how to use it and how changes in ICT affect the way in which businesses operate. Throughout the course, pupils will be encouraged to use examples from the real world and to develop related skills through group work and class activities.

Assessment Procedures

The course is assessed through three components:

  1. Core Paper 50%
  2. Marketing & Communication 25%
  3. Coursework 25%

The coursework is an Assignment to investigate the setting up of a business in the local area.

After KS4/Future Careers

Many pupils go on to study Business Studies in the Sixth Form, and it always proves to be a popular course leading on to study to degree level at University. There are very few careers that will not benefit from some of the business concepts covered in this course.